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Jodhpur Cuisines

India is famous for its innumerable cuisines and flavors of food. Food connoisseurs from all across the globe come to visit this wondrous country to savor its various regional and special foods. Every state in the country has its own distinguished and peculiar food taste. The selection of spices, the pattern of cooking, even the choice and quantity of oil to be used also varies from one state to another state. Rajasthan is no exception. The state is famous for its fried and spicey food recipes. The ‘sun city of Rajasthan’, Jodhpur, is especially known for panchkuta. It is a must for visitors to at least taste Jodhpur food, or they would be missing something exquisite. ‘Dal- Bati’ and ‘Churma’ is one exotic jodhpuri dish that is hard to resist. The cuisine is a combination of Dal, which is a mixture of 5 different pulses cooked together, and bati (bread), which is kneaded flour, baked and then soaked in ghee. Churma is a sweet ladoo, a desert and for sure a delicacy of the place. Other Jodhpuri cuisines include ‘Mirchi vade’ and ‘Pyaz Ki Kachori’ are other items which should not be missed by the foodies.

Jodhpur Cuisines

Jodhpur has a number of restaurants and eating joints where you can relish the exotic delicacies of Rajasthan. The delicacies range from Indian to Chinese to Continental to Mughlai cuisines. Also while you are in Jodhpur, do taste the famous ‘Kachouri’ (a snack eaten with chutney), ‘lassi’ or buttermilk and ‘laddoos’, which simply melt in your mouth. A number of Indian delicacies have also originated in Jodhpur. Following are some of the famous Jodhpur cuisines:

Hot & Spicy Mirchibada (A preparation made with potato, onion, chili and gram flour)

• Panchkuta.

• Pyaz Kachori

• Makhaniya Lassi

Unlike other regions, Jodhpur has this tradition to first have something sweet and then proceed on to the main course. The sweet hospitality of Jodhpur is known as Mithi Manuhar. Some of the popular sweets of Jodhpur are ‘Mave ki Kachori’, ‘Besan ki Chaaki’ and ‘Maakhan Vade’.